One of the most important ways to care for the health of the body is through taking good care of the feet. Feet are often underrated and yet incredibly significant to overall well-being and longevity. Taking the opportunity to do a check-in from time to time with a foot doctor can reduce the likelihood of developing more serious foot concerns.

At Island Foot Clinics, we have office locations across British Columbia to best serve both new and existing patients. Even if it’s been years since your last check-up, or you’ve never set foot in a podiatry clinic, it is typically advised to schedule regular check-ups, especially if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms.

Why Should You See a Foot Doctor?

Life is busy. Between balancing family, work, and all other obligations throughout the day, it can be daunting to even consider adding another stop to the growing checklist of responsibilities. However, when it comes to personal health, try to carve out some space to complete regular physicals and health screenings.

Visiting a foot doctor is the best way to nip foot and ankle issues in the bud before they bloom into a more severe and painful condition. Feet are complex and delicate structures. Only a specialized physician can properly diagnose and treat issues that come about in the nebulous crooks and crannies of the feet.

Podiatrists Treat Foot Pain

Regardless of whether there is an ongoing foot issue or a sudden occurrence of pain in one or both of the feet, the best doctor to visit is a podiatrist. While a general practitioner may be able to point you in the right direction, only a specialized podiatrist can properly diagnose the cause of the foot pain. When you visit a podiatrist for foot pain, they perform the most thorough testing and diagnostic techniques to uncover exactly where the root cause of the pain is coming from.

There are hundreds of elaborate interconnected systems of bone, muscle, and ligaments throughout the feet. The foot is a body part that is densely compacted with nerves, muscles, and bones, and only a podiatrist has the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose conditions relating to foot pain.

One of the best reasons to visit a podiatrist is to solve and treat the underlying causes of foot pain. Whether the pain has come on suddenly from a sports injury or has gradually grown over time and now shoots radiating pain up the leg, a podiatrist can quickly and effectively help patients get back on their feet with less pain.

Specialized Training

The foot requires a specialized doctor because of its complexity. In the structure of the foot, the bone is extremely close to the skin. There is not much muscle or fat tissue insulating the delicate bones from the surface of the skin. Because of this, there are a number of risks that come with inexperienced or unqualified doctors working on wound care or other treatments of the foot.

Even a simple wound on the surface of a foot can lead to an infection in the bone if it is not properly treated. When in doubt, always visit a podiatrist for foot problems, big or small. It is always better to err on the side of caution when working with such a powerful and intricate body system like the foot.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and rigorous qualifications at Island Foot Clinic. We encourage anyone and everyone to consider establishing their own foot specialist for regular check-ups. We have locations in Prince George, Victoria, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Terrace, and Williams Lake that are easy to access and open to new and existing patients.

Podiatrists Know Feet

It may go without saying that a podiatrist knows feet. After all, a podiatrist is a foot doctor that is specialized to work exclusively on foot and ankle issues. However, this fact comes with many significant implications.

Like all medical specialties, podiatry provides patients with solutions to both common and complex issues relating to the specifics of the practice. Below are some of the most common reasons to visit a podiatrist:

Treat Urgent Foot Conditions

A podiatrist can sometimes see a patient faster than an emergency room department. Depending on the wait time at a hospital room’s emergency department, plus the need to call in a podiatrist (who might not be on call to see a patient for an ER foot emergency), a private practice podiatrist can often see to urgent foot problems faster and more effectively.

Recommend Proper Shoes

When it comes to getting fitted for the best shoes for the structures of the feet, everyone has different needs and concerns. Only a podiatrist can provide the best diagnosis and orthotic options to a patient based on their individual goals and treatment plan.

Help Diabetic Foot Issues

Diabetes has a complex relationship with the feet. A podiatrist can prescribe the best treatment plan for diabetic concerns connected to the feet relating to compression socks and other orthotic options.

Manage Hammertoes

Hammertoes can be caused by genetic predisposition or from lifestyle choices, including certain constricting footwear. A foot specialist easily helps patients to manage and reverse their hammertoes.

Geriatric Foot Care       

Geriatric foot concerns are sometimes difficult to diagnose and treat. A qualified podiatrist can run diagnostic testing and prescribe a high-quality treatment plan designed specifically for the needs of geriatric patients.

Perform Foot Surgery

If other forms of treatment are not producing the desired results, a podiatrist can perform specialized foot surgery to solve problems relating to the foot and ankle. Because of the complexity of the feet, having a good podiatrist performing surgery on the foot is the safest and most effective course of action.

Handle Common Problems

A podiatrist can quickly and effectively treat some of the most common foot problems like corns, bunions, athletes’ foot, and ingrown toenails. If home remedies are not doing the trick, a visit to a podiatrist will treat these types of foot problems immediately and without hassle.

Island Foot Clinic Is Here for You

If you are considering a visit to a podiatrist for new or existing foot conditions, or for a general check-up, Island Foot Clinic is here for you. We are proud to provide our patients with the best treatment plans and diagnostic techniques.

Foot and ankle discomfort and pain can negatively impact your life, and we are here to help to alleviate those concerns using our state-of-the-art technology and methodology. Regardless of whether it has been decades since your last visit to a foot specialist or you have never been to a podiatrist at all, we are here for you!

When it comes to your health, and the well-being of your feet, having a qualified podiatry team on your side is a wonderful advantage. At Island Foot Clinic, we make it easy to book an appointment for new or existing patients. Visit Island Foot Clinic online or call our friendly staff who will find the best time and office location to fit your needs.