They say you should spare no expense when it comes to things that separate you from the ground: chairs, beds, and especially your feet. Our feet allow us to live active lifestyles, and they’re responsible for carrying our body weight every day. Keeping our feet healthy with the help of a skilled foot doctor is a must, which is why we at Island Foot Clinics in Victoria, BC, and Kelowna, BC have further expanded our business to reach more customers.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Feet Clean and Healthy


1. Wear Shoes That Fit Properly

Finding a supportive pair of shoes for your feet involves more than just making sure your big toe has ample space in the front of the shoe. The right shoes can make a world of difference in your overall foot health. Finding breathable shoes with plenty of cushion and arch support will not only allow you to walk for longer periods of time, but will also reduce your risk of developing bunions and blisters.

Sticking with walking shoes rather than sandals will offer your feet the stability and support they need. Avoid heels as much as you can, as these cause unnecessary strain on the arches and balls of your feet. Because our feet tend to swell throughout the day, it’s best to get your foot measurements and try on shoes at the end of the day. Make sure you measure your feet regularly, as foot sizes can fluctuate.

2. Thoroughly Inspect Your Feet Nightly

This is especially important if you have diabetes, as the illness can cause a reduction in circulation as well as damaged nerves. You should get into the habit of washing and inspecting your feet at the same time each evening, monitoring for any concerning changes.

Some of the things you should be looking for when you inspect your feet are any blisters, cuts, corns, calluses, sores, bunions, or other noticeable skin abnormalities. Keep track of these and schedule your appointment with us as soon as you notice things aren’t improving or they are getting worse.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Common Ailments

Foot Arthritis

This condition affects one in every six individuals over the age of 50 and with most foot ailments, catching the condition early is the best way to effectively manage it. Pay close attention to any signs of joint pain, swelling, or stiffness and visit our office in Victoria, BC, Kelowna, BC, or the location nearest to you to address it as soon as possible.

To diagnose, we will go over your family health history and order an MRI or X-ray for a thorough inspection. For treatment, we will recommend exercises that increase flexibility and joint strength as well as dietary changes for weight loss to help relieve symptoms. We will also help you find the right footwear for your needs, and we can offer customized orthotics or inserts for your shoes.


These can be avoided by wearing shoes and socks that fit you properly, as blisters normally form from wearing socks or shoes that are too large and leave room for the skin to rub repeatedly against the material. Sometimes the shape of your feet is to blame, leaving you more prone to blisters than other people might be. If this is the case for you, we recommend preventative measures with anti-blister powders/jellies or bandages.

Although treating serious or chronic blisters is best done with an experienced foot doctor, mild blisters can be addressed at home. The most important thing is to avoid picking at or popping your blister, as his can cause an infection. The best thing for a blister is diligent disinfecting paired with a loose bandage during the day only.


An infection can form from severe blisters, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, foot fungus, or open wounds. Infection happens when a virus or bacteria finds an entry point into your body, and this is commonly the result of poor foot hygiene or slow wound healing. Infections are more prominent in those who suffer from diabetes.

You’ll know you have an infection when you can observe sustained redness, swelling, heat, odour, leaking fluid, and pain for more than two weeks. Developing a fever is also a common sign that your body is fighting something off. When suffering from a foot infection, it’s doubly important to keep the affected area clean and schedule an appointment with us to determine the cause of the infection.

4. Cut Your Toenails Regularly

We usually recommend cutting your nails once weekly. If you are prone to nail splits, cuticle oils are a great way to give your nail beds the nutrients they require to stay strong. Most people cut their toenails in a rounded fashion, but this is actually one of the leading causes of ingrown toenails. Cutting them straight across will allow your nails to grow normally without curving into the skin.

For patients with thick toenails, we recommend trimming them right after you step out of the shower, as this will make the nails much softer and easier to cut. While you’re doing your weekly trimming, take note of any abnormalities you notice with your nails. Toenails that are discoloured or severely cracking/crumbling should be looked at by one of our experts as soon as possible.

The Top Foot Doctor in Victoria, BC, and Kelowna, BC

At Island Foot Clinics, we can give you all the tools you’ll require to understand the unique needs of your feet and keep them healthy moving forward. No matter what your condition is, we have the expertise and resources to treat any possible issue or combination of issues. We can fix conditions such as athlete’s foot, bunions, blisters, calluses, corns, fungus, hammertoe, warts, pinched nerves, neuroma, and ingrown toes.

We also specialize in managing chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetic foot problems, foot injuries, flat feet with no arch, and even hip, knee, and lower back pain as a result of a foot condition. If you’re interested in therapy treatments, we offer shockwave therapy, footwear treatments, and cold laser treatments. We also offer comprehensive treatments for pediatric foot problems.

Visiting Our Kelowna, BC, and Victoria, BC Locations

The worst thing you can do for your feet is wait until a condition is serious before you see a professional foot doctor about it. Alternatively, scheduling an appointment with us ahead of any foot ailments can save you tons of money in the long run. Many individuals lead such busy lives they often don’t even notice they’re already living with mild conditions until we let them know.

We not only have the ability to treat any common, uncommon, or chronic foot problem a patient may have, but we also have enough experience and familiarity with the anatomy of the foot to catch foot problems beforeĀ they become prevalent. If you aren’t near Kelowna or Victoria, we’ve just opened locations in Nanaimo, Campbell River, Prince George, Terrace, and Williams Lake.

It’s Never Too Late

Even if you’ve never been to a foot doctor, it’s never too late to start caring for your feet and getting ahead of any ailments you may be susceptible to. Book an appointment with us right now here at Island Foot Clinics in Kelowna, BC, and Victoria, BC, or at one of our other offices. You can now get the quality care you deserve from virtually anywhere in British Columbia thanks to our 23 convenient locations!