As we grow older, suffering from arthritis in the foot is one of the most common pains that many people face at some point in their life. Joints and tendons throughout your body begin to show signs of wear and tear from their use and exertion over the years, leading to arthritis and other painful issues. Luckily, relief is available for anybody in Kelowna, BC suffering from this common affliction.

Here are some ways that you can go about remedying pain that results from arthritis of the foot. From simple exercises to treatments that can alleviate more serious foot pain, the variety of different methods provided here can help you in working towards the pain-free lifestyle that you desire.

Suffering from Foot Pain in Kelowna, BC? 8 Things You Can Do About Arthritis in the Foot

1. Get Orthopedic Shoes

One of the most important things you can do for the health of your feet is to wear proper footwear. Make sure that the shoes you wear are properly fitting, as shoes that are too loose or too tight can cause issues or exacerbate existing ones. Make sure that your shoes are also shaped correctly for your foot and provide plenty of support, ideally with soft rubber soles.

If you are suffering from foot arthritis or other types of foot pain, you may also wish to pursue specialized footwear designed specifically to treat such concerns. These shoes provide the extra support needed to start you on the path towards relief from your pain. As an alternative to entirely new shoes, you may instead get similar results from inserts that go into your existing footwear to provide the extra support that you need.

2. Use a Cane or Brace To Walk

Another way to take pressure off of your feet and relieve the pain that you may be feeling would be to use a cane or brace to help you walk. These implements provide an extra level of support that helps to take the stress and weight off of your feet. Over time, this relief can help to alleviate the painful symptoms you may have been feeling and help you stand and move around with a greater degree of comfort.

However, a cane or brace that isn’t properly adjusted to your body can end up providing no help at all or even worsening the issues you face. Consulting with a medical professional can help you get the right equipment to provide the relief that you need.

3. Perform Certain Stretches and Exercises

There are some simple steps that you can take throughout your day-to-day life that may help to provide some relief from the pain that you feel in your feet. You can stretch out your Achilles tendon and calves with a simple exercise that will help relieve your feet. Simply face a wall with your hands flat against it, stepping forward with one foot. Lean your weight onto the wall and hold for ten seconds before alternating to the other foot.

You can also perform stretches for your toes that can help to alleviate foot pain. Using a thick rubber band, gently separate your big toe from the others and softly pull it away from the others. You can repeat this same exercise with each of your toes for maximum effect. You can also curl your toes around marbles or similar small objects to give them a strength-building workout.

4. Seek Professional Physical Therapy

While the simple exercises described above can provide you with some degree of relief, there may be more extensive measures needed to get you the relief you’re looking for. Physical therapists are trained professionals who have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a treatment plan that will get you back to the mobility and quality of life you desire.

Physical therapy focuses on restoring your range of motion and relieving the pain you feel through exercises. They can also help you with finding the correct medical equipment to further assist with the pain you feel, such as a waler, brace, or other helpful tools.

5. Acupuncture or Massage

Along with the help that physical therapists provide, you may also get relief from the help that a trained masseuse can offer. By rubbing and soothing the affected area, they can offer you comfort from the persistent pain associated with arthritis. That can help you get back to doing the things in life that you may have been avoiding due to the pain that you felt in your foot.

Another alternative method to treat the pain you’re feeling would be to receive acupuncture. This is another technique that you should only trust a trained specialist to perform, as just like with massage or physical therapy, performing acupuncture incorrectly can cause more harm rather than providing relief. However, if done correctly, this age-old healing method can naturally release endorphins in your body that assist with the pain you feel.

6. Take Pain or Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Certain medications may be able to help you manage the symptoms of your arthritis in the foot that you’re suffering from. Anti-inflammatory medications are one possible helpful method for finding relief from your pain. Common forms of these drugs include over-the-counter nonsteroidal NSAIDS that can treat the inflammation associated with arthritis. There can be side effects from these medications, so consult with a doctor before you start taking them.

If your arthritis pain continues to persist, you may consider taking medication to directly treat the pain instead. There are a range of pain relief drugs out there, each with its own levels of intensity and specific details to what they treat. Consult with a professional to find the right medication for your unique needs.

7. Receive Injectable Solutions

Treatments injected directly into the affected area can also help provide relief to those suffering from arthritis in the foot. Often steroid-based, these treatments can help restore normal function to your foot so you can get back to living the routine that you used to before you were suffering from pain.

Like with any serious medical treatment, these injections should only be used under the supervision of a medical professional. Consult with your doctor about the pain you’re feeling to see if this solution is the right option for your arthritis pain after exploring some of the alternative methods provided here.

8. Seek Surgical Treatments

In severe cases of foot pain, it may be necessary to seek surgical solutions to relieve your pain. These treatments could include a fusion therapy, where the bones and joints of your foot are bonded together with the help of plates, screws, rods, or pins. In the most extreme cases, joint replacement surgery may be used instead, where your joint is completely replaced with a plastic or metal prosthetic.

You don’t have to deal with pain in your feet when a variety of solutions are available to get you back to living the comfortable, active lifestyle you desire. Our experts can provide you with more information on these and other treatment methods that can get you the relief that you need to get back to living life to its fullest. Contact Island Foot Clinics today to book your appointment and start treating your pain!